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Super Pig Game


Paint invisible levels with your own blood in Super Pig – the hardest game of 2012! (so far) Super Pig is an innovative challenging platformer where you have to kill yourself to reveal parts of the level with blood splatter. The level is initially invisible. The goal is to reach Super Pig’s girl before you lose all your lives! There are 30 levels arranged into 6 chapters. If some of the levels are too hard for you, you can skip any of them. But if you want to get to chapter X (the last one) you are required to beat all of the preceding levels! Please take a look at the in-game help section for some more hints! PS. You have been warned!


= IN GAME = LEFT/RIGHT – Run sideways Z or Y or W or UP or SPACE – Primary jump X – Turbo jump (hold to jump continuously) ESCAPE – Instant game over = LEVEL SUMMARY SCREEN = SPACE – Next level ESCAPE – Back to main menu = GAME OVER SCREEN = SPACE – Retry ESCAPE – Back to main menu = ANY TIME = Hover mouse over the top-right corner for options!

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