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Death Vegas is a fighting game like no other, incorporating puzzle-like elements into gameplay. Players are immersed in the dark side of America’s playground as they confront mysterious crime boss Dante Leoni. Each chapter of the game’s story mode lets you play and approach the narrative from a different character’s point of view until all the pieces of the puzzle are revealed. Developed by Spiritonin Media, creators of the Capoeira Fighter series. Eight chapters, told in comic book format between matches in the story mode. Three unique Training mini-games — Target Practice, Hyper Defense and Three Hits. Two-player mode so you can go head-to-head with a friend (via keyboard or joystick). Updates To unlock 2-player: All you have to do is finish the tutorial. You can hit the space bar to pause and exit at any time back to the title screen. Continuing a game: You can continue from any chapter you left off on by selecting 1 Player, Story, and selecting the correct chapter from the Chapter Select screen.


In 1-player mode: A = Attack S = Activate Hyper Combo Z = Special 1 (varies by character) X = Special 2 (varies by character) Walking = Arrow keys right or left Dash attack = Double tap right arrow, then push A Block = Arrow keys up, left, or down To pause, press the space bar. Blocking: When you see the shadow of the attack to come, push the directional where the attack is headed to block. For example, a fist to the face — hit the “up” arrow (either press once or press and hold — you will block in the direction last pressed). A low kick? Press (or press and hold) “down.” You can push the direction in which to block before the hit connects; between the silhouette and the actual hit. Don’t press another directional until the block is successful. You can change the controls in the pause screen – press space bar (handy if you are on a keyboard where Z and X are not next to each other).

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